Item details - Assault Damage Control II
Assault Damage Control II
Utilizes a combination of containment field emitters and redundancy systems to mitigate the impact of critical system damage.

Grants a bonus to resistance for shield, armor and hull. May be activated to grant extreme resistances to shield, armor and hull for a short period of time.

Only one Damage Control can be fit at a given time.

Assault Damage Controls can only be fit to Assault Frigates and Heavy Assault Cruisers.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 5,000 kg
Volume 5 m3
Baseprice 0 ISK
Activation Cost 35 GJ
Structure Hitpoints 40 HP
Powergrid Usage 1 MW
CPU usage 35 tf
Activation time / duration 15000 s
Primary Skill required Hull Upgrades
Armor EM Damage Resistance 0.8999999761581421 %
Armor Explosive Damage Resistance 0.8999999761581421 %
Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance 0.8999999761581421 %
Armor Thermal Damage Resistance 0.8999999761581421 %
Shield EM Damage Resistance 0.925000011920929 %
Shield Explosive Damage Resistance 0.925000011920929 %
Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance 0.925000011920929 %
Shield Thermal Damage Resistance 0.925000011920929 %
requiredSkill1Level 5
Tech Level 2 Level
Meta Level 5 Level
Reactivation Delay 150000 s
Structure EM Damage Resistance 0.6000000238418579 %
Structure Explosive Damage Resistance 0.6000000238418579 %
Structure Kinetic Damage Resistance 0.6000000238418579 %
Structure Thermal Damage Resistance 0.6000000238418579 %
Cannot Auto Repeat 1
Can be fitted to Heavy Assault Cruiser
Can be fitted to Assault Frigate
Max Modules Of This Group Allowed 1
metaGroupID 0
Activated Damage Resistance 0.25 %